I'm not a unique peculiar specimen. There are many other Christians, who have finally accepted being gay and  the fact they are loved by God as to what and who they are. For many of them it has taken a long time to discover if, how and why they can reconcile both parts of their identity: being a beloved child of God and being a gay man or women. But after going through this, how does one then explain it to others? Some, because of the fear of being rejected or kicked out, have not tried to come out. Others have come out but then were confronted with a lot of trouble. Many lost the friends they had had for many years and were completely excluded. Others were tolerated but - how can you have fellowship when you know others see you as somebody living in sin, which you yourself don't see? 

  • On the websites listed below you will find testimonies of personal journeys and the misery many had to go through - as well as a lot of sincere work with the Bible about the subject.
  • If you are LGBTIQ yourself, I want to encourage you not to stay alone and find others who went through similar experiences.  

In the U.S. / International

Gay Christian NetworkThe Gay Christian Network started as a simple Web Platform for bringing together Gay Christians, mainly evangelicals, and to help other Christians to understand them and to reconcile. Since those days it has grown as probably the biggest evangelical community of LGBTIQ Christians. Their yearly conference brings together a large number of Christians and the Website presents a lot of helpful material. Take your time to check it out. www.gaychristian.net 

In England / U.K.

The Two:23 NetworkThe The Two:23 Network brings LGBTIQ believers together from the U.K. 5 times a year in London. This is a great day of exchange, knowing and loving each other. Check out their website to get more information and connect yourself. www.two23.net


Diverse ChurchYoung people come together in the UK in Diverse Church. In their website it says "Diverse Church is a supportive community of over 300 young LGBT+ Christians in UK evangelical churches. We aim to be a pastoral/mission resource for the wider church so that young LGBT+ people do not give up on God or life." They also gather in a number of local smaller "DC hubs" all over the UK. http://DiverseChurch.website 

In Africa

House of RainbowIn Africa gay believers don't "just" suffer pressue to look for ex-gay therapy, meet rejection or exclusion, but they face much more violent resistance and traumatic experiences. House of Rainbow faces this situation and holds seminars in many countries of Africa to help believers to find a way how to live, how to accept themselves in the Lord and how to overcome traumatic experiences on various levels. Currently this work mainly extends to English speaking countries. Contact here: www.houseofrainbow.org
If you come from a French speaking country, contact info@horeb.world