This page has not been corrected through a native speaker yet (as you might realize), but we didn't want to wait putting it online. Help for corrections!

We need a whole lot of practical help in order to be able to do what this site is meant to do. And in the same way as the orthodox teaching of rejection of homosexuality (and therefore the identiy of many people) as a sin, such other people will have to lift their voice as sell, to whom God and Jesus has shown a way that sets free. Those are the particular helps we are looking for: 

1. Technicians (not only high-end experts). Our website bases on a Content-Management-System, that can be easily used. We need helps on different levels: If you know HTML or CSS auskennst that would be particularly useful. If you know more in-depth programming (ASP.NET) we also have some work for you!., keyword "Technician!"

2. Helps for social media. The activities in Social Media are important but take time and we need assistence for this. Currently this refers mainly to Facebook, Google+ and Youtube. If you are familiar with other channels like Twitter, Pinterest... you are welcome to help there, too. Everthing is in its beginning on this level. If you can help write to, keyword Social Media".

3. Text editors and translators. We have a whole lot of translation work to do. And after it was done we need native speakers in order to polish the Language. Tell us, what is the language you speak (ideally as a native speaker), so we can tell you what we currently have planned ->, keyword "editors and translators".

4. Video editors. When we soon will fully start activities on this area there will be a lot of work. As you know yourself Videos that are badly cut get quickly boaring and will not get viewed by many people. Are you familiar with video editing? Than we need you! ->, keyword "Video editing".

5. Graphic designers. Till now everything is more or less improvised, Logo, Pictures, Layouting etc - I'm really no professional in this area and rather need to concentrate on content. A lot could be made better and remains to do. Would be great to have your help!  ->, keyword "Graphic designer".

6. Networker. Do you know more people who share the same concern with us or are prepared to do so in future? There are many people that need to be connected in the Body of Christ. The possibilities that we have are the possibilities we ought not miss if we want to reach the aim that Jesus put on our hearts. Would you like to helpf for that? ->, keyword "Networker".

Wow, great to know about your readiness!  "Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest..."