This page has not been corrected through a native speaker yet (as you might realize), but we didn't want to wait putting it online. Help for corrections!

If you consider the way how positions are hardened, if you see the mutual lack of  understanding between Christians and their gay fellow christians and how the subject seems to tear apart the Body of Christ, if additionally you see the extend of destructions that this brings into many people's lives, it might appear to you as a mountain that cannot be moved. But in any other spiritual break through and awakening in the past of the people of God, any change that comes out of the heart of God has begun with prayer. Than He shows himself as the one who is able to break any barrier! 

Our initiative needs prayer!

  • We would like you to pray for our own work (website, Youtube-Channel, protection, contacts...)
  • We also request you to pray for many movements in today's people of God. 

For both we are sending out prayer letters and we ask you to register for it here. If you would like to participate more closely we are happy to include you in our Whatsapp group, just let us know here. But also if all this goes beyond your capacity and you bless us rather "from far" for our investment in favor of a change amongst Christians and for the help to many individuals, we are greatfully thankful!