This page has not been corrected through a native speaker yet (as you might realize), but we didn't want to wait putting it online. Help for corrections!

This is a young page - we need your help! is a new initiative and does not have a big staff of co-workers. However this website can only be useful if it gets read. If you share the same goal and burden of reconciliation between Christians through mutual understanding and of reconciliation with God within the LGBT community it would be great if you help us!

1. Help through a few clicks

If you simply do a few clicks in the web you can already help us. See here

2. Help through your talents!

We need all kind of helps. Technicians, people that are experienced with social media, correctors, testers, translators, video editors, grafic designers, networkers... Find here what we need in detail and how you can contribute! Jede Menge Hilfe wird gebraucht! It would be cool if you join our team. This doesn't mean that you need to enter into a permanent responsibility, what is more important is, what your heart burns for, so we can help each other to have more courage and go forward!

3. Help through your prayers! 

This is the basical and primary help that we need. Find more about prayer requests and how you can get prayer information on this page. 

If you like to join with your gifts, just contact us on!