This is what we wish so much for you!

What is Horeb Fellowship

Horeb Fellowship is a place for fellowship of LGBT Christians where we take part in the lives of each of us, carry each other's burdens, inspire each other and find spiritual direction. We are on a journey to love and please God, who has loved us before and we know it is not because of our works or abilities. But on this journey we would like to understand his perfect will for our lives more and more and to serve each one of us in the best possible way. We know that God has a tremendous plan for each of us and we love to participate in bringing out the face of Jesus in each of us.

Technically we make use of private facebook groups and other means to meet, share and inspire. These groups are confidential, so that other FB friends would not recognize someone's group membership.  

How to become a part of us

Write a mail or a Facebook Message to the Horeb Facebook Page and tell us a bit who you are. We will ask you to agree about the following statements and add your facebook account to the Horeb Fellowship Group. That's the beginning...


You are wonderful in God's sight! Ane we want you do feel and now it!

Our Agreement

We, the members of Horeb Fellowship, have agreed about the following points.

1. We want this to be a safe place for each of us, where each one can share without needing to wear a mask or give an impression that is not what he is really. So we agree to keep everything we hear from one another strictly confidentially.

2. We want Horeb Fellowship to be a home for us because as LGBT Christians we could not find a real home in our local churches, where we can be who we are. (We would love this to change but as long as it is so we make use of this possibility to online fellowshipping). Therefore, we desire to create an atmosphere of welcome to everyone who is amongst us and will do our part.

3. In an online community a bigger amount of silent listeners or observers hinders the closeness and security we would like to have in our midst. Thefere we agree to actively participate with sharing our joys and burdens, praying, telling one another our impressions. We are on a move, so it's ok that not everybody is as open as the other right from the beginning. But if we need a time off, we quit our membership to leave it for the remaining ones as lean as necessary - we know we are always welcome back. 

The idea for Horeb Fellowship

In this idea Patrick describes the original idea for Horeb Fellowship...