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The Bible and Homosexuality

Most of the time Christians take their view about homosexuality from the only 6 verses, that can be seen as referring to it (just to compare - grace is mentioned 335 times, love 175 times, glory 252 times...). Of course, even if a subject is not frequently mentioned this doesn't mean it is not important. 

I feel an basic question before even entering into any discussion, is to know for myself whether I'm really and sincerely looking to understand the will of God or if I just want to find in the Bible what I want it to say. If I'm sure about this and have asked Him to reveal to me what is important to Him, I secondly have to know if trust that the one who speaks with me or to me has the same attitude. If this fundament is not there, no matter which subject we would be talking about, we will not come to a good result.

I have written about the Bible and Homosexuality in German but this text ist still to be translated (subscribe to our newsletter to get informed as soon as the translation is available or check out the German version). For the time being, I really recommend this sermon about the subject. Matthew Vines speaks out of a thorough research and helps to really rethink from the perspective of the Word of God.