What is "horeb.world"?

Horeb.world is an initiative that works...

  • ...to give homosexual men and women strength and orientation in their struggle between their faith and their sexual identity and to encourage us mutually for our way with Jesus.
  • ..to help Christians understand their homosexual fellow Christians, their struggles and their answers and to participate in their lives according to the call of Paul "Accept one another, just as Christ also accepted us". We don't raise a wagging finger as we know that Love anyway is working through us, but as a help, because the differences and barriers in our thoughts make it sometimes difficult to live out this love. 

The initiative was founded by Patrick Emmanuel, who on one hand , as a Bible teacher of many years is rooted firmly in his faith and is familiar with Scripture and teaching. On the other hand as a homosexual Christian, has had his own struggles first to love and accept himself and after this, to still remain included in the Body of Christ. Both because of all the years in mission and his burden for the organic unity of the Body of Christ, and because of all the experiences in the steps of self-acceptance as a gay man, the burning desire on his heart is reconciliation between Christians, mutual understanding and ministry which comes out of this loving attitude towards all the members of the Body.

Other co-workers, who share the same concern because of their own biographies and who struggle in their referent countries for removing barriers between believers and ending destruction in the lives of homosexual Christians through self-accusation and exclusion from their Christian context, have joined in this project.

Others, who equally have been marginalized in the Christian world because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, summarized as LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) or LGBTIQ+ (I=Intersex, Q=Queer, +=other forms), suffered similar treatment. We would be happy if we could support and strengthen them through our work.